About Sensual Daydreams

We are Sensual Daydreams; we are the freaks and geeks that dress up and dance around for your amusement.


Our cast has been operating out of the beautiful Oriental Theater in Milwaukee since 1991, when we took over from the previous cast, the world-famous Celluloid Jam. 

About the Oriental Theater

Located in Milwaukee, WI and operated by Milwaukee Film, the Oriental Theater is an icon of Milwaukee's East Side. Originally opened July 2, 1927 as a movie palace with East Indian decor, it is said to be the only movie theater in existence to incorporate East Indian artwork. Designed by Gustave A. Dick and Alex Bauer, the theater has two minaret towers, three stained glass chandeliers, several hand-drawn murals, six bigger-than-life Buddhas, dozens of original draperies, eight porcelain lions, and hundreds of elephants. The theater hosts independent and art films curated by Milwaukee Film, as well as a few Hollywood blockbusters, live performances, and more.

The theater also holds the world record for the longest continuous showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It has hosted the film as a Saturday midnight movie since January of 1978.

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